The 24th Michigan of the Iron Brigade brought some exciting prospects for a young man. He could defeat the Rebels and see some of the large cities of the U.S. It was not fun and games but at times horror. At first, they were rejected by the Iron Brigade until they proved themselves at Fredericksburg. At Gettysburg, they suffered 80% casualties yet never lost their flag. They captured Rebel flags at the Wilderness and Petersburg. They were part of the Honor Guard at President Lincoln's Funeral in Springfield.


The Chicago 1893 World's Faire was the biggest, grandest, most ostentatious World's Faire ever. It will never be topped or duplicated. The great "White City" reflected the grandeur of Greece and glory of Rome with the all American flavor. Waterways were available for transport as well as grand wide streets where no animals were allowed, parks and islands, as well as the largest building, ever built. Countries tried to outdo each other with their buildings and displays. The Faire brought together the world in peace and harmony while showing off the talents and fruits of America.


In 1845 in Seneca Falls, New York two very unlikely and different people met that would change the life of America, Elizabeth Cady and Susan Anthony. Neither saw the victory in spite of all the hardships and abuse they were forced to endure. They never gave up and passed that zeal to those ladies who finally made it happen. The abuse and harassment continued and even got worse. The 19th Amendment passed the Senate by one vote and passed the Tennessee Legislature by one vote which allowed the passage of the 19th Amendment. 

Conspiracy? and 5 Lincoln Assassination Attempts and 3 Booth Opportunities 

There was as much controversy during the aftermath of Lincoln's Assassination as there was Kennedy's. Five times there were significant attempts on Lincoln's life. There were two attempts to assassinate Lincoln and members of his cabinet and one included General Grant. John Wilkes Booth had three other opportunities.  Was evidence destroyed or was it an accident? Coincidence or planned? How could it have been avoided? Were the highest levels of the Confederacy complicit or the Union? 

Gary will describe some of the evidence, coincidence, and facts. Was Mary Surratt deserving of her hanging? Why was the trial military and not civil? What did the Supreme Court rule?