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24th Michigan at Michigan Treasure Hunters

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

On June 26th a presentation about the 24th Michigan of the Irion Brigade and the Civil War soldier was made at the Michigan Treasure Hunters. They are a group of enthusiastics who use metal detectors to find old or lost treasures.

Doug Holliday of the group colorized a few pictures for the presentation.

Gary made his usual presentation about the trials and tribulations of the common Union Civil War soldier, like the repetitious diet of salt pork, hard tack, and coffee, sometimes without vermin or if there was, how he disposed of them. He told of regimental nicknames, banter between the sides, and even the songs they made up for each other’s songs. He spoke of the 24th Michigan’s involvement in the funeral of President Lincoln. Gary did offer some suggestions for exploring for Civil War artefacts: at Antietam, behind The Cornfield, at the golf course along the river at Fredericksburg, and at the North Anna Battlefield.

As an aside at the Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania, minee balls cut down a twenty two inch oak tree.

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